Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Help me...!!!

Is anyone can help me???
Now i'm really confuse..~! ouch..* How i want to start it???
i stil dunno wat 2do but i must do it~!~
but the problem now how i want to start it n what i must do..~!

sy xmo fight2 wit him..*if can sy nk dis problm settle ngn cr peaceful..!~
But how sy nk talk wit him???
sy xmo dia terasa hati ngn apa yg sy nk ckapkan..~
sy admit sometime sy nie dlm list yg xleh bwk diskus..!~

tp sy stil lg bole d'bawak berbincang!~! * tp, sy xpromise lau apa yg sy nk bincangkan tue xbuat sy high emo plak..!~! (dis type i realy dun like..)
erm so how???

mama,pleaze dun tensen2..
If mama tensen,i cant help u to solve dis problm..!~!
mama rileks jer,biar bby yg thinkin2 step by step..owh baby!~!
But i didnt get any idea,so can u help me mama???? *wink*wink*

mama.....say cheesee!~!yummy!!!!! * ur in candid camera..~!
see my cutest face makes ur mood likes in heaven rite???
mama if u have any problem whether big/small the 1st thing u must do is smilleeeeeeeee...
smile can make ur mood back 2 normal!~!
If mama start nk volcano just see my face ok?!~
i realy enjoy if i can make ur day blink*blink*blink..
* i luv u mama....soooo muchhhhhhhhh!!!*

#mama touching(*sob..sob..sob..*) u too baby..muahhh30x...



ikiqzana said...

akak mmg x rela di madu.. hehehe...

Wife to Firdaus Ghazali said...

napa ngn hang nih???cam big problem sajorkkkk...kalo need someone to talk about...hg tau mana nak cari aku kan???

mamaelly said...

ermmm nape ni zura...kawe dok pahe...

hai azie

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