Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my babby satria turbo..

dis car i really love it..yorla dis car my hubby bought in 2006..i called it 'bby turbo'..my 'bby turbo' nie very power lor..even we must spent a lot of money to repair it but it alwiz take me jln2 ..but a few months a go my hubby already sold it coz another man want 2 buy it to racing..huhu cedih lor..xsmpt nk mnja2 ngan 'bby turbo' coz the day hubby sold it me at my village,melaka..
i'm cryin went my hubby kol n said dat the car is already sold..huhu but its okla coz i knew d man who bought dis 'bby turbo'..he is hubby's fren..if i mizz my 'bby turbo' i just kol my hubby's fren n told him to keep it nicely..


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